Our mission and value statement

What we do and why

Our mission is to find new modeling approaches to predict socio-environmental evolution in highly anthropized coastal lagoons, which means finding new solutions not only to monitor the change faced by biodiversity but also to understand how to prevent and minimally impact the natural balance of ecosystems. These natural systems are especially vulnerable to climatic and anthropogenic pressures, such as intensive agriculture and extensive urbanization as a consequence of the tourist development.
Never before as much as now, due to, and not only due to, climate change, it is essential to be able to help and be on the front line to protect and respect our Earth and those particularly affected areas such as the Mar Menor coastal lagoon.

Who are we doing this for

We decided to start this project because for many years now we have been hearing about the situation in the Spanish Lagoon and how this impacts the environment and the lives of all people and children. We have the skills and technologies to be able to make a difference, we will develop our tool together with the citizens, stakeholders and policy makers of this area to respond to their needs and requirements, following an agile methodology to ensure practical and useful results for this particular scenario and thus make it replicable in other lagoons.

combining, analyzing, and interpreting data

from multiple sources, including efficient in-situ IoT infrastructure with edge computing capabilities that reduce the carbon footprint of the overall system.

use of remote sensing technologies

social media sensing, open data repositories, and data from human behavior.

economics and social sciences

making use of advanced AI, NLP, physics-based, and citizen science models.

first stories from the project

From the popular television of the region of Murcia, those responsible for UCAM - Fundación Universitaria San Antonio de Murcia, Spain explain to citizens the objectives of the project.