project our goals and stakeholders

Our project partners

The European countries that are part of SmartLagoon are: Spain, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway. Find out more about them on our dedicated page.

Italy Spain Switzerland Denmark Sweden Norway

Our project timeline

Here are the main steps that will lead us to the implementation of all SmartLagoon stages.

  1. start project

    the first steps
    SmartLagoon has been selected to receive funding from the Horizon 2020 program.

  2. ethics requirements

    the first steps
    writing ethical criteria for the project.

  3. innovative modelling of environmental processes

    the first steps
    Development of physically-based catchment models.

  4. efficient data collection and sensing

    the first steps
    Definition of parameters and sensors for water monitoring in a river basin and a lake/lagoon.


    the website is online
    First release of the website online and searchable.

  6. socio-environmental dynamics modelling

    the first steps
    Outline environmental, economic, social and legislative conditions and
    constraints of the Mar Menor case.

Our deriverables

Citizens engagement, Collaboration, Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan – SMLG_D7.2 | Download the pdf

Public Participation Plan – SMLG_D7.1 | Download the pdf

Joint Collaboration Task Work Plan – SMLG_D7.4 | Download the pdf

Blueprint for a full-fledged system
for environmental intelligence (first version) – SMLG_D7.5| Download the pdf

Data Management Plan

Data Management Plan – SMLG_D6.9| Download the pdf

Socio-environmental dynamics modelling

Technical brief on the environmental, economic, social and legislative conditions and constraints of the Mar Menor region and thematic maps – SMLG_D4.1| Download the pdf

Digital Twin Development

Stakeholder Needs – SMLG_D5.1| Download the pdf

Efficient Data Collection and Sensing

Report on sensing technologies validation at Erken lake – D2.1| Download the pdf