Welcome to SmartLagoon

The first news about SmartLagoon project.

We are happy to show the first release of the SmartLagoon.eu website.

This project was born thanks to the collective action of several European partners with the aim of implementing a system to build a systemic understanding of the socio-environmental interrelationships affecting coastal lagoons and their ecosystem to increase local and citizen awareness of environmental impacts.
It is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program that aims to monitor and analyze the lagoon environment of the Mar Menor in Murcia, Spain to predict socio-environmental evolution in highly anthropized coastal lagoons.

The project partners are European universities and companies whose researches and expertise will enable the development of digital tools that are fundamental to the success of the project:

In the coming weeks, we will tell you more about who we are and what actions we are putting in place. On our website you will find, in addition to updates, special sections such as a glossary of technical terms because we want to be able to explain and talk to all those interested in our initiatives in the simplest way, we want to involve more and more people not only in our sector but also citizens and residents of Murcia.
Meanwhile, you can follow us on our social channels: